Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What would life be without art?

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and much cleaner.
I have piles of random art supplies all over the place. And of course they certainly arent limited to just one room.
We recently got InDemand digital cable. If you have it are you aware they have FREE kids activities?
Yes thats right FREE kids activites.
Mine were kept busy for several hours in the middle of the hot hot afternoon making origami penguins and bats and boats and fortune cookie boxes.
It was great!
I dug out some origami paper I had in my collage/scrapbooking drawer and they used the whole pack!
They were learning manual dexterity-fine motor skills, they were actively engaged! They then took their little creations and played with them!
Yes I know TV time needs to be limited, but when they were engaged learners with the TV I say, TV time is OK.
And it saved us adults from whining, Sponge Bob, and heat stoked children!

What would me life be with out art?
cleaner, yes, but so much less interesting, so much less active learning and creative problem solviing skill development.
Life would just be less interesting
and more whiny!

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