Monday, September 29, 2008

The Black Calaveras

The Black Calaveras
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I havent posted in a long time. My day job is kicking my butt!. Lots and lots of prep work. October is in 2 days that means Ren Faire and Halloween and the baby will be 6!
Can I still call her my baby?

PCAGOE's monthly challenge is this week, go visit and vote. voting starts Oct1--Wednesday.
The only reason Im able to participate this month is I planned ahead and made this little entry piece back in June!
Yes some times I am organized.

I havent gotten to do more with clay than just get a therapeutic mush it in and around my fingers for at least a month now. I take that back--I was able to turn out a quick commission for a birthday present. I cant find the surface to my work tabe, pretty soon I wont be able to find the table! I havent (sob sob) even gotten to order some bronze clay.
My requirement was having a work surface.
Guess I need to find some cleaning time.

I really need to find some crafting time.
It puts me in my happy place, and right now Im not in my happy place.

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