Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Source of inspiration

the Polymer Clay collection
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Im always surprised at where inspiration comes from. Sometimes its a challenge, sometimes its a random idea, sometimes it just comes from experimenting, and altering and experimenting and altering.

Unfortunately recently Im not getting very inspired. Im getting very--oh whats the word? The extreme opposite of inspired--Depressed.
Instead of seeing a bright spot and a point to jump off from, Im seeing ideas that all I can wonder is why didnt I think of that?
Im seeing people do something amazingly simple and sell it in droves. I try to do something simple and sell nothing.
Frankly my sales are nil.

I set up the booth at the recent neighborhood garage sale. I figured there is no entry fee, I might sell something. Well I did sell something. And again I got lots of genuine complements. Im getting good at being able to tell the difference from "interesting" read "weird", or "my friend so and so would love this" read "this is weird and my one freak friend would like it;" from actual real compliments.

Im thinking I might enter the local Christmas Village, since then people would be in the mood to spend money.

Im getting nervous about the upcoming Ren Faire. Im contemplating reducing my prices substantially just to move product. I dont want to sell at wholesale prices, but I want to move product.
If my sales aren't outstanding this year its my last year at the faire.

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