Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I fell in love with sea horses last year. We did a day trip to the Chattanooga aquarium, they had an exhibit of sea horses and sea dragons.
I was amazed. they are so beautiful!
I spent at least the next month drawing them. Im actually surprised I didnt make hundreds of little polymer ones.
I even found a wire artists who makes some wonderful little ones.

Seahorse by

I also learned from her site, that they a caught live and left under heat lamps to dry out. to be put in all those curio things. That makes me sad. i think I may have some from a craft store. i got them when i thought they were nifty, but i didnt et any after last years adventure. Im glad, because that treatment makes me sad. Anyway these can be quite tiny up to quite large.
I could watch them all day. Their variation in colors was glorious.

I am taking a polymer clay clay with christi Friesen. its on-line (I love on line learning but thats another story). The class is steam punk gryphons. I have been wondering how to incorporate steam punk into polymer for a bit now. Well as soon as the class got started I started seeing how to incorporate steam punk in other things. I made a great dragon fly--at least I like him, and this sea horse. Both figures are large, and not jewelry size. i will need to figure out what to do with them.
The next challenge will be to make a sea horse small enough to wear, and a steam punk octopus!

Heres anpother cute little sea horse by

and a cute almost steam punk octopus by

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Nashville Beatle said...

punk octopus. that's hilarious. There are so many cool ideas that polymer clay artists come up with.