Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turquoise fairy on pile of beads

turquoise fairy on pile of beads
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My personal challenge this year is to finish what I have started. All of those projects I have thought worthy of starting, are they worthy of finishing? If they aren't Im not too sure what I will end up doing with them, possibly just seeing if I can sell them to someone else to finish--i seem to actually have success at doing that.
Of course that falls into me as catalyst.
I am. With out actually working too hard at it, I manage to get other people going.

This fairy or muse face was actually done as a quick sample. I mostly used scrap clay and what ever beads were out when I "slapped" her together. It wasn't until later that i noticed she matched a back of turquoise I got in New Mexico. At that point I knew she was going to be strung on those beads. Now that was over 1 year and a half ago.

I am very pleased with how she did end up turning out. And Im on a roll just finishing things. I have only one item left in the big things to finish box!!! Of course it feels like there are a million things in the box of little things to finish, but Im starting some place!

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