Friday, March 6, 2009


insideout done
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Ok so I have been obsessing about beads. Making them. I went to a little bead and gem show and there was this nice lady there who spend a lot of time with myself and my daughter, explaining things to the kid. Of course kid was just being a sponge and soaking in all kinds of information. The lady was selling these things called inside out beads. They were fascinating. Not quite cane work in polymer but similar. We bought some of her lovely beads. At home I spent 4 hours figuring them out!

So now Ive been playing with making beads. These samples of mine arent even my best ones--just the ones I have a photo of! lol!

I went searching to see what others are doing bead creation-wise.
There is some very beautiful work out there for the buying!
This set of beads has a nice spring like quality with out the pollen.

And check out these "jade" beads! Those are made from polymer clay

heres another nifty set of beads. I love the swirlies! Im still developing the skills to do the swirly shape--its not as easy to get a really good and clean swirl as they make it look. These are by

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