Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raw week 7

RAW52-7: pods
Originally uploaded by .citizen.objects.
I am having a blast participating in RAW2011!
I fluctuate between amazed and inspired and amazed and in need of going into hiding.

This fantabulous pod ring was made by citizen.objects. and its amazing.

I mean how can I compete with the likes of this?
I know I know its not a competition, but it does get intimidating when this ring is up and yours is the next one listed in the pool. I must confess I have waited days and hours before submitting my photo when I know that is the case.

My submission this week is made from punched shapes from a soda can. It really did not need to be next to this. Of course this week it is next to a beautifully executed piece from esjewelry. And I think it looks dorky in the line up (my piece looks dorky). But it is there.

I had fun I made something new, I learned something new:
My week 7 ring was a skill builder! I found out that you can use those paper punches on aluminum cans, well that just opened a whole can of worms. Oh and the cans for al the "throw-back" sodas have such better colors.
Yesterday I scored a heart shaped punch post VD sale for $3. I had some rivets, and figured it is time to experiment!

This is the 4th flower I made, but I reused the petals from the 1st flower I made. The center is a vintage plastic button, and its on a generic finding ring base --a flat one. It is wired and glued.

Lessons learned:
• rivet must have something between it an the aluminum for reinforcement.
•my auto punch awl is great for starting the tiny rivets

And I really need to figure a better system for photos. My camera and iPhoto just is not a practical combination, and the photobooth photo is just not so hot quality wise.

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