Monday, February 28, 2011

So, are you famous?

For some random reason I follow some writers' blogs.
The random reason being I actually know these people, and I get all squee and happy to know that my friends have "done it."
Well this morning in an attempt to not get started with my Monday I have been dipping in and out of various blog-lands.
I mired myself in The Blood Red Pencil and came across a post regarding annoying questions and how to deal with them:

Question #2 Are you famous?
I think there is a better answer here, than what was presented.
Yes, yes I am famous, but in very select limited circles, in small mountainous countries in Asia Minor.

It really doesn't matter how "famous" you are if I have never heard of you.

Case in point:
I do not follow sports, unless they are in the movies, or the sport person has become such a celebrity you cannot avoid it, or the As are playing the Giants in the world series, and there is a massive earthquake.

So, hubby and I are drinking our hot beverage of choice at that chain place of expensive hot beverages, and we see a tour bus negotiate traffic and pull in. Well the side of the bus is COVERED in the Atlanta Braves and Academy Sports, and some other stuff. It looked like one of those NASCAR cars covered in ads. But all the ads were for the Braves. So hubby is doctoring his drink at the bar with some of the guys who got off the bus, and he asks them if they got off the bus, are they base ball players, and what were they doing. He got a general low down of sportsman ambassadorship, going out making store appearances meeting fans. Hubby came back to sit with me, commented on them being short, and for really expensive jeans that guy was wearing they did nothing for his butt, and he really did have quite the muscular butt did he not. Hey when you are sitting at butt level staring straight ahead and you see a field of butts....well, just saying.

Afterwards I asked if I should have been more impressed or not, after all they are wildly famous to someone, I just have no clue who they are.

So if anyone ever asks if you are famous, say yes. Somebody, even if it is just your goldfish, thinks you are a rock star. And, if you are an actual rock star, don't expect me to know who you are, I might not listen to your kind of music (or sport).


Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I hope someone asks me if I'm famous someday just so I can tell them, "yes".

HappyDayArt! said...

I was thinking about this the other day too. I mean, I am famous to some but then there are all those "500" jewelry books and they have all this fancy jewelry that I maybe can't even afford and at least half the people I've never even heard of so if you think about it how many other wonderful artists can there be out there? So many we just don't even know. They may be famous of not and well, unless we get exposed to them it's a moot point anyway.

I'm glad I got to meet you through the RAW challenge and to me you are famous. I see your art online all the time now! The internet is a miracle like that.

Catherine Witherell