Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feed ME!

Feed ME!
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Ring a who?
Technically I am behind by only 1 week, but I feel so much further behind.
Im going to crank out two mediocre rings at best just to catch up. But I have been so overwhelmed with stress from the day job its hard to focus. Also why is my art area also a dumping ground? The living room got vacuumed, yet its my art area that gets ALL the floor stuff moved to, and not moved back. Not happy. I only have so much time to do stuff, cleaning up after other people's dump into my art area is not something I want to do, so it then puts me off art, which makes me cranky, and then Im ready to be fed a dentist.... (reference to Audry II the ring pictured here).
I need to stop whining and get creating!

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