Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My work space

a before pic
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art room cleaned
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I have a very interesting work space.
I can only do so much in it. I share a room with my mother. She paints. she has half the room and I have the other half. And since it used to be the formal dining room Im not exactly allowed to put up shelving or anything.

I realize I am lucky to have a dedicated space. Since before my space was the living room table, and that stopped when I had kids.

The current space is a room right off the entry and hall, and on the way to the garage. So it has become a weigh station of things coming in and going out, and unfortunately becomes a dumping ground for stuff other than art (like my book bags, things that need to transition down to the garage, stuff like that).

Im working on maintaining it clean, but that require hours a month. It tends to look more like a disaster area than it does a tidy work space.

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