Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arts and crafts goes to derby: wheel storage

One of the fun things about being artsy-craftsy is being able to master creative problem solving.

Well I have recently taken up learning how to skate so I can learn to play roller derby.
My kids play derby, have been for almost a year now. They are learning some fantastic stuff above and beyond the sport like poise, strength, endurance, self confidence, strength, every body is different and every body can do great things. One of the GREAT things about derby is skills not size are what make a great derby player.

I could wax poetic about derby for a while, I really could. And that is one of the reasons I wanted to play too.

But that is not my purpose here today, today Im here to discuss wheel storage.
My kids are at the level where they are going to start having multiple sets of wheels. Just starting out we used the generic wheels that came on the skates, they have grown skill wise into needing better wheels, plus we have different wheels for outdoor trail skating. Eventually they are going to need harder wheels for different surfaces.

All these wheels are a pain to carry around. So far most skaters I have seen use a plastic bag, or tupperware.

I present my groovy solution:
tennis ball tubes

These things come in tubes for 3 or 4 balls, its great if you know someone who plays tennis, or has dogs. I neither play tennis nor have dogs, Im thinking these balls are going to be another great craft supply, or I'll donate them to friends with dogs.

The narrow wheels can fit 8 into a tube for 4 balls, but mostly 4 wheels per tube.
On my sticky outdoor wheels I have added a skewer to help keep the wheels lined up so they go into, and come out of the tube easier.


So far Ive slightly impressed two of the guys at the skate shop, neither having seen this as a solution before. One guy called it a "mom" solution if he ever saw one. That made me laugh. It is a mom solution, a crafty mom solution.

Now I just need to come up with something craft to do with the generic wheels that came with the skates!

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