Thursday, July 4, 2013

Storage and clean up

We all know keeping your beads organized is a pain.
They do not want to stay organized!

I think it generates an entire additional hobby of sorting and cleaning and rearranging of supplies, just to keep your stuff organized in a useful fashion.

So I decided I needed to upgrade my storage to make staying organized easier (I know funny right?).

I had been using these things:

They do not transport easily and they take up a lot of space, but I started with them because 2 of them were a gift, and it seemed like a good way to limit my supply growth (I know funny right?).

Well I have 3 of these and a whole bunch of photo/shoe boxes.

I sort of inherited this thing from someone who was tired of making beaded jewelry, so she passed it on to someone who passed it on to me. I holds a few different brands of a standard size divider case.


Fortunately one of the containers still had a label on it. I decided this was a better storage system, I could swap in and out the things I needed and have a handy carrying case to boot. So I did some online research. Apparently you cannot purchase Plano boxes from Plano, you have to find a retailer. I had found one with wholesale ordering, and was seriously considering a minimum purchase of 100 of these things, then sharing them out with my friends. As soon as I asked if anyone would be interested in doing this with me that web page disappeared. No joke. Bookmarked that sucker then BAM Error 404 not found.

After some comparison shopping I found that I could order from wallyworld, so I ordered 10 of these little tackle boxes.

I had also purchased some other containers from in the craft section, but they don't have adjustable sections.

Ok So my new system takes up less space, and I averaged moving 2 of the previous containers into 1 of the new tackle boxes.


I was also able to create some new containers, like one for just copper findings, and my favorite: one for just my skulls:

And in 12 boxes I was able to get rid of all of this extra stuff:

But I already need more boxes!

Im using Plano 3650 prolatch boxes (thats what I ordered), and some other brand that I found in the craft section, that are the same size 11" x 7.25" x 1.75"
I think having a modular system with various cases is going to work. you can find info on their website, but you have to purchase elsewhere.

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