Thursday, July 25, 2013

stupid easy office chair cover

turn ^ one evil thigh flesh eating (free) executive vinyl office chair
into a thigh flesh friendly soft geeky office chair.

So, its summer, that means I wear shorts occasionally. The other day I was working on my massive research paper (the research paper that is my graduation ticket, roughly 10,000 words on distance education, properly cited in APA format) as I normally do these day. No, as I always do these days.

Anyway point being after sitting on my butt for several hours researching and writing I stood up.
Apparently I screamed, because my husband downstairs, and several rooms away--far enough to be past that magical sound gap no one can hear through between the living room and the kitchen-- heard and asked if I was ok.

I was astonished I wasn't bleeding. It felt like all of the skin on the back of my legs was ripped away.

So, I was thinking about taking a towel and placing it on the seat part of the chair, not pretty, but functional. This morning at the fabric store sale I decided to acquire some Trekke fleece and fix my chair.

1 yard of blanket fleece, cut in half. Some tucking and some duct tape:  tah--dah

Just dont ask to see the back

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