Thursday, July 18, 2013

Candy Melt pops-- a review

I am not a super candy melts person. I can barely get single colored candies made.
For an even for my kid's derby team I made a slew of candy mustaches.
I've made them before, but this time I took notes, and learned lessons.

What I was doing:
I attempted to make purple, pink, green, and chocolate mustaches over the course of three days.

Using a pyrex measuring cup I melted the purple in the microwave. The candy did not melt, I put it back in, I burned the bejeezez out of the candies.

I switched to the double boiler method, still using the pyrex cup (I mean its pyrex for a reason). This worked ok, but the purple candies just would not work. I thought maybe I didn't clean out the cup and there was still some of the burned candy in there. I managed to make 1 tray of the mustaches (3 large mustaches in a tray I used this one: out of the purple, they were horrible. The candy was full of bubbles, and they crumbled coming out of the mold.

I next tried it with the pink.
The pink melted mostly, even stirring it up, it just did not melt into s nice smooth pourable consistency.
I managed to glob the candy into the molds.
It took about 1 cup worth of melts for 1 tray of pops.
Since the candy did not melt smoothly it did not easily transfer into the molds, and I wasted a lot of candy. I got 11 pops from 1 bag.

The pink did melt enough to smooth out in the molds once I gently dropped the tray on the counter a few times to  get the bubbles out.

I globbed some extra candy onto the sticks and they set nicely.

I did find that freezing the trays made it easier to remove the pops.

The next day I moved on to chocolate. WOW what a difference. The chocolate actually melted into a nice smooth pourable consistency. I was able to make nice smooth pops, with out a whole lot of candy around the edges to chip off.

I made 25 pops out of 2 backs of chocolate. Almost no waste, much to the chagrin of my kids who enjoyed "cleaning" out the bowls and spoons when I was done with the pink.

On the last day I started working with the green. It was terrible. The consistency was like working with the purple. I think there are some colors that just do not work well. Purple and green are on that list for me.

Lessons learned:

lesson 1: do not microwave this stuff, it will burn, it will be useless and smell bad once its burned

lesson 2: some colors actually do work better than others. Any of the ones that are actually chocolate melt nice and smoothly. Unfortunately they are also ├╝ber easy to melt and with melt in your warm car, turning into piles of goo, most likely not on the stick.

lesson 3: it takes about 1 cup of melts for 1 tray of 3 large pops

lesson 4: lightly drop the tray on the counter to knock out bubbles BEFORE you at the pop sticks. The sticks jump out otherwise

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