Saturday, August 24, 2013

Well Poop!

Unicorn Poop to be precise!

 Its shiny its rainbowy and it even glows in the dark!

A friend has been after me for a while to make these. They are paper weights. I have got to tell you they take up way too much clay, and are a mess to make.

The big ones are weighted with 3 golf balls, the small one, just one. Based on her feed back, these were not what she was expecting. I think she was expecting the rainbow effect you get from piped cookies (just google unicorn poop cookies and see what I mean).

Im not sure if they are actually worth trying to make with fresh clay (I made these with old stales chunky stuff, thought it would represent the roughage in the unicorn's diet well). It was a LOT of clay. Kid 2 and I figured out there is 10 to 12 blocks of clay involved. Thats $25 to $35 dollars worth of clay, then the time involved. 

I might give it one more go for that rainbow swirl like the cookies, and stick with the smaller single ball-base poo shape.

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