Thursday, January 9, 2014

Origami Boxes

This year in an ornament swap, I received all kinds of goodies, and a hidden "who knew" kind of goodie.
One of the little ornaments came in a hand made origami box.
the box that started it all
This little box started a flurry of  box making obsession at my house. My kids made a ton of boxes for their holiday gift giving, and I am excited, as I will never have to purchase a gift box for my jewelry again.
my kids making boxes

I actually started using the hand made boxes for my Etsy orders, and have received nothing but positive feed back. Its a great way to use all that wonderful scrap-booking paper I don't actually use for scrap-booking.

There are actually lots of how-to origami box instructions out there. Im just adding another one to the mix. Hope its helpful!

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Caitlin Jordan said...

OOo pretty boxes. Do you have to use a bigger size for the lid?