Thursday, July 24, 2014

Making mosaic tiles

Todays adventure in crafting involved 60 pounds of concrete and a lot of nail polish!

We made mosaic stones. To spice up the glass bubbles -those flat glass marble things from the floral department- we painted them with sparkly nail polish

I lack confidence in my concrete mixing skills, and the directions on the bag were vague at best. Hopefully they will dry and harden with out any problems. However I suspect that we should have used cement. 

Update: the concrete set up well. Adding more water didnt hurt the mix at all, it actually made it smoother and the tiles seemed more structurally sound- they are more solid. The damp dirt pebbles consistency -which is what the directions gave- ended up with more air holes and a rougher surface. By adding more water the concrete slop mushed itself together better, and ended up with a smoother surface texture. Not to mention it was easier to mix!

 Smoother surface

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