Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am having a clean out clearance sale on my silver jewelry.

Unfortunately a good deal of it has been sitting around in my stock for too long, and its time for it to go.
If it doesn't go I will send it in for recycling.

I know I missed this big cost bubble when silver was over $50 an ounce, but its still pretty high.

Most pieces I will be selling at my cost. I use Precious Metal Clay, and so I have priced items so that I can purchase more clay. Several other pieces are just at market value of the silver.

I hate the thought of an original work getting melted down, and thus the cheap got-to-prices.

I have many pieces listed on Etsy:

some of the items I have listed:

and more that (hopefully) wont make it to Etsy, as Im trying to sell directly from my Facebook page:

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