Monday, April 28, 2008

alcohol inks

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There once was a little dragon who was unhappy with his color. Hes was a bright bright orange. After he took a bath in assorted acrylic paints and rolled around in some buffing wax he was still unhappy with his color....

I never really used alcohol inks for anything other than a "paint."
Then it hit me upside the head "alcohol," I could use rubbing alcohol to thin it out!
I soaked a q-tip in alcohol then in the indigo colored ink. It worked great!
the colors on the dragon, intermingled with what was left of the acrylic paints, and the range of colors from just a few dabs of ink were amazing

So to end the story
the little dragon turned out quite pleased with his new range of colors.

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Stacie said...

Oh man, why can't I be this creative? Good on ya!