Monday, April 14, 2008


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
This takes place in an alternative 1939. Stylistically would you call it deco-punk? or streamline-comic?
Whatever the style I LOVE IT. The film was created all "green-screen" based technology, there ya go that's the techie stuff. Lets talk about style. it takes all the best of the original King King (I say that one scene WAS the back ground from the original KK movie on Kongs island), then add some Flash Gordon, toss in some Metropolis, knead in some Lost Horizon, take a Journey to the Center of the Earth stir well with American stream line and art deco, and baste in comic book art.
It was awesome!
I think the movie was ok, after all Angelina Jolie was dead sexy with that eye patch, too bad there wasn't an equivalent male character--the guy who plays Sky Captain = yeah ok whatever, and stylistically he did not fit! He was not comic book hero style, too thin too weak jawed. Gweneth Paltrow was the brassy heroine, could have been brassier. Angelina, wasn't in the movie long enough to weaken her character, same with the quirky scientific side kick- he was plucky and smart mouthed and geeky.
The plot included everything from kid napped Russian scientists, flying robots, ray guns and miniaturized elephants, there is also a mysterious bad guy.
I wanted to see this when it first came out, but life got in the way. I found the DVD at some flea market for $2, cheaper than renting, so it was mine.
I only now got around to seeing it.
I let it play 3x while I created some jewelry.
I will become one of my favorites to work to, my biggest problem is I will really want to see the visuals.
And it will be great for the kids, child safe, and a great way to entice them to watch some old classics

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