Monday, April 28, 2008

Evolution, maybe, then again

I've been making dragons out of polymer clay for over 15 years now. The blue dragon on the hair clip, is possibly my first one. And the little guy with opal eyes guarding the gems is possibly my first dragon bottle.
As Ive made protecting dragons Ive notcied a few things have changed.
One is the size, Im just getting bigger and bigger. Im also adding in more detail. Detail really makes the design more complete.

One thing that hasnt changed is the mica/luster powder finishes. Ive been utilizing that means of enhancement the entire time, and whats interesting, Im still using the same case of shimery eye shadows I used when I started. I still have them, they are from a gift with purchase make up kit from princess borgesia that I got in 1990/91. They still work great!

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DivaDea said...

Eye shadows - what a great idea!