Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cephalopod Medusa

Ever since we saw Percy Jackson on Monday I have been thinking of a Medusa, but instead of snake with tentacles. I just happen to have the face already molded and cured. So I played with the clay that was out and made todays cover model.

My Thing-a-day is continuing well. I'm not posting every day, but thats ok.
Friday I made a piratical hair clip, skulls and scrolls. Its black and purple and midnight blue-green. Lets just say it does not photograph well at all.
I *get* why they discourage all black collections on Project Runway: you can't see the details in black.
Friday I also completed most of the frames with little pictures--mostly fairies and vintage belly dancers--and little art bits and RESIN!
I'm having a lot of fun with the resin. I also learned with the frames its best to start with a picture in mind, and/or create the frame using a removable piece of thick paper that can be used as the image template.
Also I need to stick with traditional based frame shapes. The paisley one looks more like a craft fail more than anything else.

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