Sunday, February 28, 2010


Im still working on this,just barely. I have to admit this week I have been really doing an amazing job in phlegm production. The cold I have been refusing to succumb to has zapped my creative energy. Oh heck its zapped all of my energy!

I have made sure I sat down and did at least something. I mostly call them clay doodles. Putting together little assemblages of color. unfortunately they really are not that interesting.

I finished the medusa --she is now a pendant. I made another squid.
Wednesday I sat and played with making ear cuffs. Experimenting with how to actually make them. Wednesday was probably the longest day I actually gave over to crafting.
Ive made some molds and molded a whole bunch of components. Components to what exactly I don't know.

I would like to compose a bigger project, and not just a bunch of little things, just to say look I made something. I have some shoulder dragons I would like to work on, and several mermaid ideas I would like to sculpt.

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