Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent Thing-a-day

In a discussion about Lent with a group on non-Catholics one lady determined anyone participating (in this specific group) was really using Lent as an excuse to better themselves for a healthier lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that. She also wondered since it wasn't for religious reasons why deprive yourself, why not add something for improvement: like smile at your neighbor who is a %^&, or add an apple a day. And then in the world of Universal Manifestation you want to use positive phrase-ology.
Since I do pay more attention to Universal Manifestation than I do to Lent I will be adopting actions for lent:

I am embracing positive and empowering beliefs, exercising regularly, and creating something creatively every day.

I missed Thing-a-day for February, so I have created my own thing-a-day for lent.

Day One

I recently fell in love with resin. I absolutely needed it for one specific project. never used it before but needed it. So I braved forth into the resin world, and boy-oh-boy is it easy, and the results cool beens.
I started toying with what to fill, and started to make frames for use with resin. Last night I wanted to use up this lump of leather brown clay. I played with frame shapes. And single color (to be enhanced after curing) versus multi color.

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