Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bath salts (not the kind that make you eat someone's face)

DIY bath salts
More from my DIY Christmas.
Bath salts make an easy group gift -you know that gift that is easy to make in mass and give to large groups. Most people fall back on baking, I don't bake much--only unless its as a set up for cake decorating. This was my "group" gift this year.

As a crafty person I have large quantities of weird stuff laying around the house. I actually made this batch of bath salts and only had to purchase the baking soda and the sea salt!

I used:
one box of baking soda
one tube of sea salt
half a sachet of lavender
lavender essential oil
epsom salts
food coloring

I filled a medium bowl half full with baking soda.
I added 10 drops of glycerin and 5-6 drops of lavender oil.
I blended the  the glycerine and the oil into the soda, adding more soda as I went until every thing was blended and dry.

In a large bowl I added the baking soda oil mix, the rest of the baking soda, the sea salt, half of my lavender sachet and the epsom salts.

I had 2 cups of menthol and eucalyptus epsom salts and 2 cups of plain epsom salts.

I blended everything together.

I then added a few drops of blue food coloring to a paper towel (I didn't have purple, so blue it was), and I do mean a few 4 to 6. Then stir the mix with the colored towel. This will transfer a slight color into the mix. The color isn't needed, it just makes it a bit more "special."

The bath salts were divided up into baggies, and placed into small containers. Easy-peazy, and a nice soothing nice smelling bath for all.

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